Coffee with Character

Coffee with Character

People often ask if Boston Stoker coffee is organic and fair trade.  The answer is that yes, most of our coffees are organic and fairly traded, but not all are certified.

Certified Organic means that a produce has been grown and processed without chemicals and according to strict standards.  Fair Trade is a non-profit organization that offers price guarantees to farmers (of all trades, not just coffee) of a minimum price, connects farmers to importers, and helps craft sustainable farming.

While these concepts are great, certifications can be costly, and quality control can be tricky.  Farmers who create great quality products sometimes do not have the access to certification or the means to pay certification fees.

That’s why we started Boston Stoker Direct Trade, where we travel to coffee-growing regions and trade directly with the farmers face to face.  This allows us to ensure the quality and protection of the coffee, the people, the land, and the community where our coffee is sourced.

We make it a point to visit each farm or cooperative at least once every 2 years.  This way, we are able to build and maintain relationships with the farmers.  We are able to ensure that they are using good, eco-friendly farming practices and protecting the rainforest (several of our coffees are Rainforest Alliance Certified).   We offer price incentives to farmers who are striving for quality, rather than quantity.  We have also begun choosing service projects to help with based on where our efforts are most needed.  The last two years, some of our baristas traveled to Honduras to build houses and help in other service projects.  This has been a great way for our baristas to get involved and meet people who live in some of our coffee-growing regions.

We like to keep business personal.  That’s how you can always know our coffee has integrity and character brewing within it.  Come in and have a taste.


Jose Isidro
Adelso Lopez
Antonio Reis
Don Bill McCalpin

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