Ohio Coffee Roast Brunch 2014

On April 13th I had the opportunity to take the 1# roaster, with my co-worker Shane, to the North Market and roast some coffee for the Ohio Coffee Roast Brunch Event 2014. This event is a way for area coffee roasters to present coffee, all in one spot, for the public. Classes were also offered for people to learn more about the ins and outs of coffee.

Boston Stoker was invited because we roast our own coffee and because of our store on the O.S.U. Campus (1660 Neil Ave). Other are roasters like Upper Cup, Cafe Brioso, One Line, Crimson Cup and many more attended. Backroom Roasters had their spot next to our booth and I won a hat from the game they were playing (thanks guys!). It was sunny and beautiful day, with many people, and lots of great coffee to try. Brioso even had coffee snow cones and I got to try a great Indonesian blend from Backroom.

Shane and I got the roaster going as soon as the event began. We roasted batches of the Kenya Githembe and Costa Rica La Minita as Carey, Erik, and the crew made a Chemex of the same coffees to sample out to attendees. It was great to talk roasting with coffee drinkers and home roasters. I enjoyed explaining the process, hearing how they roast at home, and answering questions.

Later in the day, Henry found me and asked me if I wanted to help judge the home roasters competition. The coffee used in the roasting challenge was El Conquistador. We got to judge some all different quality levels of coffee. After the judging, we gave feedback for each coffee. The surprise batch was the one that was pan roasted. It was a great cup and I did not guess that it was the pan roasted batch.

After the scores were tallied, I headed back to the booth. By then, the event was almost over. We then hung out, handed out more coffee, talked with more people, and then packed things up. The day was a blast, full of many sights, sounds, and smells. I do want to say thank you to the crew that had so much set up before I got there. It made it easy for an old man like myself.

It was an awesome day to be outside drinking and talking coffee. If you have the time next year you should make an effort to go. There is so much fun to be had by all.

– Shannon Savage, Head Roaster

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