Making Delicious Coffee At Home

Making Delicious Coffee At Home

How to make delicious coffee at home:

One of the most frequent comments we get at Boston Stoker is “My coffee at home never tastes as good as when I come into the store. How can I make delicious coffee at home?” There are many factors that go into a great cup of coffee so here are some suggestions to getting the best of of your beans.

1.) BEANS: Buy high quality coffee beans! If you are shopping at Boston Stoker, you are already one step closer to a great cup at home. Great beans can make great coffee. Bad beans will always make bad coffee. But also make sure the beans are fresh. Again, buying from Boston Stoker on a weekly basis will insure that your coffee is within 1 week of roasting. We suggest you do not use coffee past 1 month of its roast date for maximum flavor.

2.) WATER: This factor is overlook all too often. Brewed coffee is 98% water. If you are using poor quality water, you are not doing your great beans any favors. There is no need to get super fancy but consider investing in a simple water filter, such as Brita or Pur, to remove the chlorine taste from your tap water. This will greatly improve the taste of your brewed coffee. But beware of using distilled water as it is devoid of all minerals. Minerals give us flavor so using distilled water can make your coffee taste flat and bland. Also be aware of your water temperature when you are ready to brew. Correct brew temperature for coffee is between 195-205°F.

3.) GRINDER: Investing in a good quality home grinder will significantly improve the taste of your home brew. The coffee bean is surprisingly fragile. As soon as you crack that bean open, you expose the insides to air which causes the flavors to deteriorate very very quickly. While we are more than happy to grind your beans in the store, grinding  at home will make a world of difference. Try to stay away from the cheap “whirlybird” or “blade” grinders that you can pick up for under $20. These give a very inconsistent grind which causes uneven extraction in your brew and can lead to a bitter brew. Instead, invest in a good quality burr grinder which will yield a more consistent grind. Some good brands are Baratza, Capresso and Breville.

4.) BREWING EQUIPMENT: While most people are brewing coffee in a relatively inexpensive automatic drip brewer, these sometimes can lead to a poor quality cup. There are great brewers out there but let’s look at some manual brew options.

The French Press is a great, easy, foolproof option. The press does not use a paper filter which gives you a rich, full bodied cup containing all of the coffee oils and even some coffee particulates. Some sediment in the bottom of your cup is normal and considered part of the character of this brew method.

The Chemex is great option for people wanting a cleaner cup of coffee. This method utilizes a thick paper filter, removing the oils and all particulates from your brew. A Chemex makes it easy to get a clean, smooth, well balanced cup of coffee.

For the coffee enthusiasts, consider picking up a Hario V60 Pourover System. The Pourover is most baristas’ preferred method but also comes with its challenges. This method requires the most attention while brewing but the end product is so worth it! Brew guides for all of these methods can be found on our website at

As always, if you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! We want to help you get the best out of your coffee and learn to love as much as we do!

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