Change is a good thing!

Change is a good thing!

Welcome back!

If you’ve recently stopped into your neighborhood Boston Stoker, you’ve probably noticed some changes. As with all change you may be intimidated at first. We know change can be scary, but we promise all these changes were made with you in mind. We’ve rethought a lot of the details about each unique Boston Stoker experience and we’ve made some changes to the most important aspect, the coffee.

Let’s be more clear. The coffee itself hasn’t changed. We’re proud to say it’s still direct trade coffee from farmers who have developed the beans and the processes to make each cup brighten up your day. We’ve always roasted our coffee to its peak flavors and dated its packaging with the roast date. This has enabled you to enjoy your coffee at its freshest and kept you aware of when it’s time to order more. So what’s changed then?

New packaging! Same great flavor.

New packaging! Same great flavor.

Like we said, the flavorful coffee you’ve come to enjoy hasn’t changed, but the packaging has. You’ve probably noticed those bright little bags at your local store. Here’s the skinny on the big changes!


Yay options! The new bags come in 2 sizes: 12oz bags and 5lb bags. We’ve added more options with the sizing because not everyone consumes the same amount. So less coffee also means more fresh coffee. Re-upping in-store or online is just as simple as its always been.


Heat sealed vacuum bags! This is big friends! Vacuum sealing is a method of packaging that extracts air from the container prior to sealing. For us this method involves placing the coffee in a plastic film package, removing air from inside, and heat sealing the package. The reason for vacuum packing is to remove oxygen from the container. Doing that reduces moisture and oxygen aging the coffee, and it seals in the freshness just a bit longer.


We’ve rethought the presentation of the coffee. As the world gets more and more green, people want to know more about what they’re putting in their body. We’ve decided that wine isn’t the only beverage that should bare all the details and secrets about its origins.

We’ve include a much more robust profile on the bags:

Region specs, because of course you want to know know where it’s from

Flavor profiles, so you can find that taste that pleases every part of your palette

Varietals, its kinda like a family tree for coffee.

Growth altitudes, they help you understand the differences in notes and complexity

Names of the farmers, because those guys are awesome.

So whether you’re online or in-store take your time and explore all the new info we’ve provided you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The idea of you loving great coffee as much as we do inspires us. We’re kinda nerds about it and we want you to become one too.

-Your Favorite Barista

Article written by Jason Roach, Columbus

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