Ardi Natural Sidamo

Ardi Natural Sidamo


12 oz bag – $16.00

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Coffee Details:

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Ardi

Farm: 700 Family Farms

Elevation: 5,100-5,700 feet

Varietals: heirloom

Preparation: Natural

Ardi Chart

Photo Gallery:

Coffee cherries
Village of an Ethiopian coffee farmer
Ethiopian coffee farmers

If you don’t try this coffee, you will be missing out on far too great of an experience.


Why we chose this coffee:

Ethiopian Ardi Natural Sidamo: It’s sweet, fruity, strong and a coffee you will not easily forget. It’s not often that you roll out of bed in the morning expecting to make a cup of coffee that tastes like strawberries, peanut butter and chocolate, but that’s exactly what happens when you’re brewing this lightly roasted bean.

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