Barista Certifications

Once you’ve established a team of trained baristas, where can you go to continue the learning process, and improve existing techniques? The Boston Stoker Barista Certification Program is an ongoing program in which baristas learn, improve, expand, and grow – with specific applications for your café.

Every aspect of Certification is about better service for your customers. In coordination with your own Training program, Barista Certification will help you to solidify a loyal customer base, improve your quality, and increase profitability.

Level One: Certified Barista

3-red-stripesA Certified Barista demonstrates excellent technique and employs fundamental coffee knowledge in his/her customer service.


The Barista is capable of skillfully constructing beverages of very high quality, and applying knowledge of coffee processing and origin influences to every customer experience.

Objectives for Level One include the successful passing of both written and sensory tests, leading up to and preparing for a practical exam at the Barista’s own café or coffee bar.

Level Two: The Master Barista

3-red-stripesA Master Barista possesses great knowledge of coffee production in all aspects of the industry. He/she upholds the highest standards of quality, technique, and sensory abilities.


A Master Barista can be expected to provide customers with detailed and specific information in response to customer inquiries. He/she must be able to speak knowingly about various manual brewing techniques, cupping, coffee origins, and industry trends.

The Master Barista must also have supreme interpersonal skills, with which to relay knowledge to customers in a specific and appropriate manner.

Objectives for attaining Master Barista Certification include a detailed written exam, extensive sensory testing, and a practical exam modeled after the SCAA’s Barista Championship competition.

Latte Art

3-red-stripesNot only do we have the expertise and knowledge to help you craft the best tasting espresso drinks, but the best looking ones as well.


Skillfully poured latte art will take your customer service to the next level. Our baristas have competed in countless local, national and world-wide latte art competitions. We are happy to share what we have learned in helping you to serve drinks that look as good as they taste.

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