Heart to Honduras Bundle

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Our Heart to Honduras bundle is a great way to support the Heart to Honduras organization as well as pick up a great deal on two exceptional coffees. 

The Heart to Honduras Blend boasts a medium body, medium acidity and just a touch of sweetness from the custom Boston Stoker blend of ethically sourced Honduran Arabica beans. You'll notice notes of tangerine, honey and cinnamon from this light-roast blend. 

Highlander Grogg is our most popular flavored coffee. We start the creation of our Heart to Honduras Highlander Grogg by starting with our Heart to Honduras blend of beans. We then hand-flavor in small batches using only the best natural flavorings available to produce a coffee with just the right Caramel and nut tones, along with a touch of Scotch whisky. We take great care in the creation of our flavored coffees, as we see the flavoring as an enhancement of the coffee, rather than a mask.

Our Heart to Honduras blend is a collaboration between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Boston Stoker Coffee Co. and the Heart to Honduras Initiative. We work with farmers from the village of Lomas Del Aguila to collectively improve the quality of the coffee as well as the lives of the people who produce it. With every sip from a cup of our Heart to Honduras Blend, you know that you are drinking an ethically sourced coffee of the highest quality, while supporting the farmers who grow it.