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Sample Kit - Signature Series

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The perfect sample set for those who want to explore a range of different flavor profiles.  Our six signature coffees represent six different flavor profiles of coffee and each also ties to a different decade of Boston Stoker history in the specialty coffee world.  This sample kit includes a 4oz Bag of each of our Signature Coffees.


MILD  Reserva del 1973:  Far Out Sweetness - This light, smooth, easy-to-drink blend will remind you of a time when Boston Stoker was young, and people wore bellbottoms. Reserva del 1973 is a blend of 100% Brazilian coffee from the Cerrado region. Enjoy this light, medium roasted coffee with Fl­avors of sweet chocolate and nutty notes.

BALANCED  Classic 83:  Bodacious Bean – Classic 83, previously known as Custom House Blend, has been Boston Stoker’s premier blend since the 1980sA balance of coffee from several farms tucked away in the Andes Mountains in Antioquia, this great everyday cup is the perfect balance of light citrus notes with a sweet chocolate finish.

DARK ROAST  La Copa Negra:  DA Bomb Darkness - Are you looking for a bold and robust cup of coffee? Look no further than La Copa Negra blend. La Copa Negra is a blend of dark roasted coffees from the Americas made to perfection. Roasted just dark enough to achieve semi-sweet dark chocolate fl­avors and hints of smoke, without too much bitterness.

FRUITY  Buna Fruta:  Fruit Flava - Enjoy the explosion of the flavor we call Buna Fruta - a blend that combines our favorite fruit-forward coffees from East Africa and the Americas.  This unique blend consisting of different processing methods - washed, honey, and naturally fermented lots - provides many layers of natural flavor and a great combination of tart, sour, and sweet fruits.
COMPLEX  Legendary Espresso:  Livin’ Large & Legendary - An adventure in your cup, Legendary Espresso, formerly known as Premium Espresso Blend, will take you on a journey through Boston Stoker’s network of farmers and cooperatives from around the world. Premium Espresso Blend consists of selected coffees from East Africa and the Americas. This blend combines different fermentation methods to produce complex fl­avors of berries, citrus, spice, nuts, and chocolate.
FLAVORED Original Grogg:  Yaldy Flavor Fer Yah - With unique flavors of caramel, nuts, and scotch whiskey, Boston Stoker’s Original Grogg is the perfect initiation to specialty coffee. Introduced by our founder in the mid-1980s, Original Grogg has long been our best seller and a crowd favorite. Selected from the Cerrado region of Brazil, these beans are processed to achieve just the right amount of natural sweetness, roasted to their peak fl­avor, and ­flavored in small batches coating each bean to perfection.
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