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The Vintage Collection

About The Collection

The Vintage Collection is a unique and exclusive opportunity to try some of the most sought-after micro lots of coffee from around the world.  Each lot has been preserved, frozen in vacuum sealed bags upon arrival from origin. This one-of-a-kind preservation process maintains the freshness and rich natural flavors of the beans. Each release is a time capsule of the climate, processing, and varietal produced that year by some of the most exclusive farms in the world.


Each month, Boston Stoker will roast one of the rare coffees. There are limited quantities of each coffee as hand-marked on the bottle. Once the 8oz jars are sold, they will never return again. Learn more about the five coffees by clicking on the labels below.

Roast Schedule

September: El Injerto

October: Tesfaye Roba

November: El Barril

November: El Zapote

December: Esmeralda


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