Items Needed

Chemex carafe
Hario gram scale
Chemex paper filter
Hario Kettle 
205°F water

How to Brew using Chemex

1.) Separate filter between 1st and 2nd layer and place it into the Chemex carafe with the 3 layer side against the pour spout.
2.) Thoroughly rinse the filter to remove any papery flavors. Without removing the filter, pour the rinse water down a drain.
3.) Use 48 grams of coffee for the 24 oz. or 24 grams of coffee for the 12 oz. Add your coffee, ground to a drip setting.
4.) Pour about 60 grams of water for the 24 oz. or 30 grams for the 12 oz. on coffee grounds to saturate the coffee bed with minimal dripping from the bottom.
5.) Allow the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds. This allows the coffee to off gas, resulting in a more even extraction.
6.) After bloom is complete, begin slowly pouring water into the center of the coffee bed, moving in slow circles. Avoid pouring water directly down the sides of the filter.
7.) Continue to pour slowly, keeping the water level about 1 inch below the rim of the carafe. Use 700 grams of water for the 24 oz. or 350 grams of water for the 12 oz. You may pause for a few seconds to allow the water level to drop a few centimeters. The entire process should take 4-5 minutes.
8.) Pour from carafe and serve.