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Direct Trade



Boston Stoker Direct Trade is exactly that—our company working directly with farmers to provide the best quality coffee while also protecting the land and building the community our coffee is sourced from. We have been working directly with farmers and cooperatives since the early ‘80s, but in the last decade, we have expanded our efforts and traveled more extensively around the world to become even more involved at the farm level. By forming relationships with the people who produce the coffee, we are able to certify its excellence.

Boston Stoker Direct Trade doesn’t stop at sourcing high quality coffee.  We are committed to producing the best cup we can to share with our own community.  We continue to further our education in order to improve our techniques from the precision of roasting to the careful science of single cup brewing methods.  Our in-depth training and education programs equip our baristas with the skills and knowledge needed to serve our customers consistent cups of excellence.

Boston Stoker Direct Trade is at the heart of our mission.  Each cup of our coffee is rich with not only flavor, but also stories of the people who worked to bring that cup to life.  Stories are brewing at Boston Stoker.  Sit back and let us pour you a cup!

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