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El Llano


Farmer: Jose Antonio Rojas Camacho

Region: Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Process: washed / sun dried in solar driers

Elevation: 5,000 - 6,000 meters

Our Use: 10 bags

Our relationship for El Llano started through the providers of the La Minita coffee, who own and operate a mill that processes the beans from a number of surrounding farms. On one of our visits down, Drew Zent mentioned a nearby organic farm operated by the father of one of the mill’s quality control workers.

Run by Jose Antonio’s family since 1935, El Llano comes from a small organic farm just a few miles away from the mill. A farm in all senses of the word, Jose grows fruits and vegetables in addition to having pigs and cattle, a source for some of the coffees fertilizer.

Set at a different elevation and aligned on a different face of the ridge along the Tarrazu River, this short geographic difference provides a surprisingly varied microclimate from it’s neighboring farms. El Llano has a stronger fruit profile than other coffees from the region, with more tones of berries as opposed to citrus. A very unique flavor for Costa Rica.











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