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V - 60



Hario V60 dripper
Hario gram scale
#2 Hario paper filter
Hario Kettle
205°F water



Brewing Ratios

12oz: 24g coffee to 350g water

16oz: 32g coffee to 450g water

20oz: 40g coffee to 550g water


How to Brew using V-60

    1. Fold seam of paper filter over and place in dripper
    2. Fill kettle with 205°F water
    3. Rinse filter. Remove any paper starches that may affect flavor and preheating ceramic dripper.
    4. Grind coffee to a fine drip setting and pour into the center of the paper filter, avoiding the sides.
    5. Gently pour about 30 grams of water onto the coffee grounds; Just enough to completely saturated the bed of coffee with minimal dripping from the bottom.
    6. Set timer and allow coffee to bloom for 30-45 seconds. This allows the coffee to off gas, allowing for a more even extraction.
    7. After bloom, begin pouring slowly into the middle of the filter. Avoid pouring directly onto the sides as this water will flow directly down the side of the dripper and into the cup resulting in a weaker cup.
    8. Continue pouring slowly, keeping the water level low in the filter, approximately 1 inch from top of the dripper. Adjust your rate of pour to meet the specified time parameters above.

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